How to give robux in a group

If you have a free rbx website, you will learn how to give someone robux in your own group.
Before that, I am writing this guide based on what I discovered on that particular place.
They shared a tip on how their platform works. But I will go ahead and explain further so that if you like to build similar thing, you will know how it is done.
Before you become so excited on this, you must know it isn’t easy to have such platform.
You need to be very good in codes in order to run something similar.

robux earning group

It seems I will break this tutorial into two forms.
First will be for people that have an active builders club and wants to give robux in a group.
The other will be just for web designers that want to have a website that works that one.
I just hope that this information will be shared on social media networks in order to spread it.
Just make sure you don’t rewrite this article in any form without giving credit to me.
Don’t even try to make any audio publication and forget to mention this page link. If you do, it will be taken down.

You can only create a roblox group after you join builders club. It cost some robux in order to do so. After that, you need to invite some members by giving them your page link.
They must join the group. Once they have done all that. Do the following;

  1. Make a T-shirt or any design you like. Put it up for sale.
  2. Delete it and buy it again. This time, watch and see. The money will be added to your group.
  3. Access the group using admin privilege.
  4. Click on payout, one-time, and then enter the user id you want to give robux to.
  5. Enter the value you like to send to them. It must be lesser or equal to the amount you have in the group funds. Then send.

The second way is just for site owners. You need to have a platform that gives the game currency. Then whenever someone performs surveys, he/she will earn robux. You then have to perform those steps above to send it to the user.

You see, it won’t take you so much time to do all that. The above procedure can be done well on a device different from a mobile phone. Why? That is where I was able to do all that.

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