How to grow your business on Instagram

Instagram has become a popular social media platform for business owners. Between brand awareness and customer service, using Instagram for your business is a no-brainer. Here are some tips to grow your business on Instagram.

grow your business on Instagram

1) Create engaging content that shows off your products: Don’t be afraid to show off your wares! Instagram users love fashion pictures as well as images of you in action. For example, if you have an accessories company, consider posting images of potential customers wearing different pieces of jewelry or photographs that highlight an accessory from various angles.

2) Include hashtags to grow your following: Hashtags provide a way for others to find your content and follow along with what you’re doing. You can include up to 30 hashtags per post (though it’s generally not necessary). Be sure that your posts make sense without any added context – the goal is simply to reach more people, not embed secret messages into your photos!

3) Take advantage of Instagram Story features: If you want more than one image on your feed at once, take advantage of Instagram Stories. This is a fun way to engage with others and show off products without having too many images posted at once.

4) Make sure all your photos are of good quality: What is said without words can be said better with images! You must have high-quality photos so users will be able to see details in your work, like embroidery or unique designs.

5) Take advantage of hashtags for location and periods: You can add up to five locations as well as a period (in 24-hour increments). If you are opening a new business, it could be helpful to include Grand Opening as a hashtag; likewise, if you’re hosting an event, share information about where it will take place and use appropriate hashtags throughout.

6) Use Instagram Live to host webinars or Q& sessions: For those that have loyal customers who aren’t able to attend your events in person, consider broadcasting them on Instagram Live! Engage with followers during these sessions so they feel like they are more than just one-way conversations.

7) Share behind-the-scenes content regularly: This isn’t limited to only posting photos—but videos, too! Show what goes into making your products or how your office operates behind closed doors. While viewers want their entertainment served in bite-sized chunks, something is appealing about seeing how things work from start to finish and becoming more engaged with a brand that way.

8) Post at times when you know your audience will be online: There are no hard-and-fast rules for Instagram scheduling but it’s important to post at times when you know that most of your audience will be online (i.e., Monday morning or Friday evening). These are excellent opportunities to boost engagement by mentioning followers by name or tagging specific people in posts.
Engaging followers should only be done on Instagram. I mentioned something about that in my 6 secrets of twitch marketing.

9) Run contests for an added layer of engagement: Running Instagram contests is an easy way to bring new followers into your social media sphere and engage existing customers even further. Make sure you ask all participants to follow you as well as tag them for them to be entered for a chance to win prizes like special promotions, gift cards, or coupons—your choice!

10) Use direct messaging for two-way communication: If someone tags you in their photo, consider sending them a direct message asking if they are interested in seeing more product photos (or whatever your products are). It’s also worth sending out thank you messages when people take time to comment on one of your posts.

11) Repost popular photos at different times of day: Take advantage of peak hours by reposting popular images multiple times throughout the week instead of always posting new content that no one sees until it vanishes from your feed again.

12) Ask friends or family members to like and comment: If you have a small following, reach out to people you know who do have social media accounts and ask them to like or comment on your posts! It’s also a great idea to message all of your existing customers, asking if they could take a minute and let their followers know about your business.

13) Use strategic hashtags for added exposure: This can be hit-or-miss, but consider using location-specific hashtags when appropriate. For example, tagging #NYC with an image that shows off a fun night in New York City could help draw interest in tourists who are planning their next trip!

That is all for now. Apply them and you will be able to grow your business on Instagram successfully.

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