How to install an electric tankless water heater

If you received your order for this Best Electric Tankless Water Heater – Gaija brand, then follow these steps.
Installation may vary in other models. That is why you must only apply these to that exact one. You can order it right on that website. It isn’t more than $200. Their quality is better than every other one sold in other places. You might even find it cheaper than what it is sold on some sites out there.

electric tankless water heater installation instructions

To begin, you need to understand that lifespan of an electric water heater varies. Wrong installation will decrease it. It can even cause serious injury. If you are not sure of what you are doing, please hire a plumber or electrician to install it. It is dangerous and risky. It doesn’t worth the risk for just a few bucks.

The procedure on how to install come is written in the manual of the product sold there. However, it is written that you should get a professional to install it for you. So, I won’t be held in any way responsible for issues that come up after following these steps.

  1. Before you do anything, turn off all wall sockets
  2. Shut down the main water supply.
  3. If you have an old water heater, disconnect or drain it.
  4. Remove screws that protect the front cover of what you want to install. Take the front cover off.
  5. Mount the water heater to the wall. Tighten the screws.
  6. Establish a connection between the cold and hot water using a pipe. Make sure you clean it before you plug firmly.
  7. Open the hot water outlet to remove any air from its pipe. Check every connection for leakage.
  8. Check the wiring diagram that comes with the manual. Make one connection to one side and the other to the electric panel side.
  9. Recheck all connections. Make sure no wire is touching the other.
  10. Fix back the electric water heater cover.
  11. Turn on the wall socket or circuit breakers.
  12. Configure it to your desired preferences when it is powered on.
  13. Open your water heater outlet. Wait until its temperature stability. Check and adjust till it reaches the way you want.
  14. After all that, you are done.

You can’t install a whole house electric tankless water heater in every home. This is because it consumes lots of currents. It can even increase the bill of your electric prepaid meter.
Moreover, you will need an assistant as an expert which will cost some money depending on your location.
Nevertheless, it is amazing to have one set and working in any house or residential area.

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