How to spot fake soundcloud plays

If you want to skip all this and buy plays for Soundcloud, go on. Below you will learn how to spot fake ones.
Take note that this article is not referring to delivering done on that website. It will help others that are having pending orders in other places. After reading, you can keep on using the platform you tried before coming here or check the one above.

real soundcloud plays

No one wants to get listeners that drop. For example, let’s say you purchase 10k Soundcloud plays today, then tomorrow, it reduces to 1k, till it reaches 8. That’s fake. You have been ripped off. In fact, the service provider may not even refund your money.
They are backed up by their refund policy which you agreed on when you placed an order. Even if you charged back, you will be wasting your entire time.
You can avoid such a place if you know how to spot them. Below, you will see how.

No live chat, don’t buy: This is my simple method. The majority of sites that sell this don’t have a way to communicate with them faster. They sometimes do not reply to the message you send using their contact form. I avoid such places with passion.

Offer bots in exchange: Before you pay on any site, try to read about them. It’s best to go through their entire text. If you see anything like, use our app or bot or anything similar like a tool, run. Don’t make an attempt to buy anything from there.

Instant Delivery: I won’t depend on any site that says they will deliver immediately. This means they have something running that auto-send those plays. Fastest is different from instant. If they say 24-48 hours, I will be okay. But anything different from that, I won’t click the checkout button.

Only Order page: Any site that just lists their price without sharing some information about what they will do will not see my money. I know they want to go straight to the point, but, how will you know what you stand to get from them. Explain a bit of what you are going to do. If not, just wave and leave.

Ad oriented sites: This is the worst of them all. You should never purchase from any site you see on any search engine ad. Let me explain; let’s say the cost per click for Soundcloud plays is $0.30, while they sell this for 100 for $3. A real service won’t make a profit from that. They are showing their site as an ad because; they are using bots to deliver them. So, I will advise you to ignore such a website, move down and order from another place.

Basically, you don’t have to test all platforms in order to know if they are offering fake plays on Soundcloud. If you read everything, you will see that at the beginning of this article, I shared where you can order from. You should use there and stop spending so much on places that will never give you real ones.
You can still discover other fantastic stores out there. But, only do that when you have some money to test or waste.

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