Top 4 games to stream on twitch

Did you just join twitch or have been there and like to stream games? You should be looking for top ones available. Below are list and description of each one based on their number of channel views. You can search more on them and also their link on your favorite search engine.

Fortnite GameThis particular game has 97 million views and seems to be the top for now.
It’s developed in 2017 by Epic games. It has 3 game mode versions in which any player can engage in. They are the shooter survival mode, battle royale and Fornite creative. Each is very addictive when you partake. But they can be so tasking to finish.
Save the world is available on Windows and MacOS, while Battle Royale is there for Nintendo Switch, android and IOS device.
The game has gained lots of popularity online and even offline among people. There are lots of tutorials and cheats that can help one to get started with it.
You can watch lots of videos about it on YouTube too.

League of Legends
League of LegendsThis is another multiplayer online battle game available for Computers.. It is published by Riot games and it’s free to play. The game was inspired by The Frozen Throne Mod and Defense of the Ancients.
In it, players are required to control a champion with super abilities. You have to fight against other players. Your main goal is to destroy the team; your opponent or other players. You are required to do that in any give match or environment which the game puts your character in.
You can use different elements in battle to defeat your enemy. But some might require you to purchase them from the game store.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto VThis is a nice action adventure game released by Rockstar Games in 2013. It is available on PlayStation, Xbox 360, Computer and Android.
Its street is based on Southern California using a fictional state named San Andreas.
On it, you assume the role of a single player who is under the pressure of the government.
You engage in so many shooting and bursting out members of organization that are bad activities.
Your role can make you to tag it as the best one to play this season.

Dota 2
dota 2 battle gameThis is a fantastic online battle arena game developed by Valve Corporation. It is a kind of game you shouldn’t forget to watch and play before this year ends.
It is played in matches which involves two teams of 5 different players. Each occupies and defends there base displayed on the game map.
During a match, you collect points, which are used to build up your defense and combat against another. When a team wins, a large structure is given to them.
The game is played on Windows, Mac computer and seems to be out for android.

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