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Twitter has announced the introduction of a tipping alternative called Tip Jar, named after the popular “tip box” used by Americans, after several days of rumors. Creators can be compensated and assisted with a single click, which is great news.
Tip Jar is a new way for you to show your love for your favorite designers.

twitter tips and favorite

Twitter is following a new approach with monetization at its heart after a disappointing fifth. To that end, it’s launching Tip Jar, which will encourage users to donate to their favorite accounts on the social network. In a statement, the California-based company said, “This is the first step in our strategy to build new ways to offer and receive help on Twitter: with money.”

An icon will appear next to the “Follow” button on an account’s profile if the recommendation jar is activated. The user can choose one of the online payment services available for that account by clicking this icon. Twitter currently accepts PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Bandcamp, and CashApp. Tips can also be sent via Spaces on Android, which was recently expanded to accounts with 600 followers by the social network. Against all odds, the organization decided not to take a cut of the donations.

This new feature has the potential to change a lot of things for both developers and users. It’s not uncommon to see them share their PayPal or Patreon accounts in their tweets and threads to raise money for a project, for example. As a result, the arrival of this new alternative on Twitter is unsurprising. Users on the networks can still implement Twitter marketing secrets even when they have those features.

For the time being, only a select group of individuals, including journalists, creators, experts, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), may add the choice to their profile. On the other hand, all iOS and Android users with English settings will contribute. “On Twitter, you drive the discussion, and we want to make it simple for you to help one another beyond Follows, Retweets, and Likes,” Twitter said.

Though ads drove Twitter’s earnings in the previous quarter, allowing people to buy anything cheap, the company now wants to diversify its revenue sources. To do so, it’s banking on new monetization options like this one, which might help it draw a few more influencers to its platform at a time when Snapchat’s investment in the latter is increasing. Additionally, paid access to users’ favorite accounts should be available on Twitter soon.

This new feature will bring more users to the network. A lot with start taking their Twitter activities seriously. I just hope they will be a way to make sure that it is used properly and efficiently.

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