What is the best gaming keyboard?

Gaming keyboards are a bit like a key. If you use the right one, you can unlock any door. But when you use the wrong one, you’ll find it harder to achieve the same result.
Regardless of whether you have a brand new to PC for playing any of these top 4 twitch games, I have a list of recommendations that should help you in your buying decision.

There are three different types of keyboard and each uses a different switch under each key to register your desired action. It is this switch that has the biggest impact on a way that a keyboard feels and how quick and responsive it can be in heated gaming scenarios.
Now the most common are:

  1. Mechanical keyboards
  2. Membrane keyboards

best gaming keyboard in the worldMembrane keyboards are very much cheap and cheerful. But they are not the best for gaming as they often require the key to be pressed down before they send a command to the computer.

Mechanical keyboards are the choice of most gamers because they are physical switches underneath every single key. That gives you an increased level of feedback and feel. They can just make gaming not only easier but just more pleasurable.
Key presses are that little bit snappier. There is a nice smooth transition from the top of the key to the bottom.
Each type of mechanical key switch will have its characteristics. Though most can be described as tactile or a linear techno switches type. As you press the key, you get feedback that the keypress has been registered. But in linear switches key pressed are little faster.
The extra bit of force needed to activate and double press keys might put gamers off.

If you are looking at a laptop or a low profile keyboard then chances are you will be looking at a different style of keyboard. These have slim keys and they lack any sort of feedback.
They are great for typing, but they lack any real substance for gaming scenarios.

If you’re looking at a gaming keyboard, chances are you will find some form of RGB lighting type. Be aware that it will add a lot of extra cost to the keyboard.

There is a Logitech 213 mechanical keyboard. It is sold for around $50. It is fully equipped with media keys RGB and it represents great value for money. But unfortunately, you do still get that slightly mushy membrane to feel. For now, you should get it if you want the best keyboard for gaming.

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